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How I package my art prints: environmentally friendly packaging

As a creator putting out new products into the world, I feel I have a responsibility to consciously reduce the amount of waste in my packaging. There’s enough unwanted rubbish in landfill that really doesn’t need my business contributing to it.

I set myself a challenge to go plastic free and ensure that everything included with your order is eco-friendly and 100% recyclable or compostable. With every purchase you make from my small business, you can be sure that not a single element of the packaging will go to waste, meaning you can have peace of mind and enjoy guilt-free shopping.

I have sourced materials from a variety of UK based suppliers to create packaging that not only protects the artwork effectively, but also protects the planet.

Postal Boxes

I use standard brown cardboard postal boxes to package my prints as they’re great for protecting the artwork and can be broken down into your paper recycling bin.

Paper Parcel Tape

It’s all well and good using cardboard boxes, but if the parcel tape stuck to it isn’t recyclable, you’d have to spend time separating it. This isn’t an issue thanks to the plastic-free kraft paper parcel tape I use, you can put the whole thing into the recycle bin.

Packing Paper

Packing paper is handy for protecting the print and ensuring it doesn’t move around too much during transit. The straw paper packing I use is made from part-recycled materials and is naturally biodegradable and recyclable. It’s entirely up to you which of the two methods of disposal you use.

Tissue Paper

The white tissue paper included with your order can also be put into your paper recycling bin.

Woodpulp Natureflex Film

This is one of my favourite eco-friendly packaging finds. It’s hard to believe that this cellophane like film is plastic free. It feels and looks just like plastic, but is in fact made from sustainably sourced woodpulp that can biodegrade in your home compost bin (it’s important you don’t try to recycle it).

This Natureflex film is acid free, making it suitable for protecting fine art prints from water damage.

Sellotape Zero Plastic

Made from natural and renewable materials, zero plastic sellotape is constructed of cellulose film and a naturally based glue. Once again you won’t need to separate this tape from the Natureflex film, simply pop the whole thing into your home compost bin so that it can biodegrade.

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